How to Play Baccarat – Online Guide – Baccarat India

Baccarat is a fun game, and it’s easy to learn how to play it. Once a new bettor learns the rules, he must play often to master the winning strategies. The rules are simple, but the strategies for winning the card game are often complex. Here’s a breakdown on how to play Baccarat, along with a few strategies to help players win.

Player vs Banker

The house deals two hands, the bank hand and the player hand. Bettors choose which hand to bet on. No matter the number of players, there are only three bets to make, tie, bank or player. The exception is the person who holds the plastic cardholder (the shoe). This player bets on the bank hand or passes the shoe.

Rules of the Game

While playing, the bettor who holds the shoe picks a card from the deck. Keeping the card face down, he slides it to the dealer. Next, the dealer hands the card to the bettor with the highest bet on the player hand. This card is placed by the shoe. After players pull additional cards for the player or bank hand, the dealer reveals the cards and the total points. The bank hand card draw is next.

Online-BaccaratThe dealer calls the bank hand. The shoe holder looks at the bank hand before revealing the cards to the dealer. Much like blackjack, when the total points are too low, the shoe holder pulls additional cards. The dealer requests a card from the player hand, which the shoe holder provides to the dealer. Next, the dealer slides the card to the bettor, who returns it to the dealer after viewing it. The dealer places the cards face up for all players to see. The process repeats for the banker hand if the point total is too low.

Baccarat is a time-intensive game. It often attracts high rollers who bet huge amounts of money. Mini-baccarat is just as much fun but takes less time because the dealer plays both hands out. In Baccarat, bettors pick two to three cards, attempting to combine total points closest to the number nine. In most cases, a card’s point value reflects its face value. However, 10 cards and face cards receive zero points and the Ace gets just 1 point. If by chance, the total points equal a value of more than 10 points, the hand’s value is determined by the second digit. For example, an 8 card plus a 5 card has a combined point value equaling 13. Such a hand has a 3-point value.

The dealer begins the game by dealing two cards for both hands. The player hand combines points first. If the player hand has 8 or 9 combined points with the initial two cards, this hand is called a ‘natural’. No additional cards are required. A natural hand automatically wins. The player hand draws another card if the hand’s combined points are between zero to five. A player hand stands on combined points of six and seven.

The bank hand rules are slightly more complex. If the banker hand cards have a point value from zero to two, the bank hand picks additional cards. From seven to nine, the bank hand stays. The difference between the bank and player hand is the value of the third card for the player hand and influences how the bank hand plays. For example, if the value is 8, 9, 1, or 10, the banker hits 4. There are limits to how the player hand influences the bank hand play. As mentioned, a natural hand wins automatically. Also, each hand only receives three cards.

How Many Decks of Cards are Used in Baccarat?

Most casinos use at least 8 decks in Baccarat. However, some casinos use 4 to 6 decks. The fewer the number of decks, the easier it is for seasoned players to win. Some expert bettors are adept at predicting the cards.

What is the Difference Between a “Banker” and a “Tie” Bet?

There are only two hands in Baccarat, the player hand and the banker hand. Bettors may wager on either hand or wager on the event of a tie. Betting on the tie hand is risky. Long odds are a great payday on the winning hand. However, hands rarely tie, giving the house a huge edge of nearly 10 per cent.


Never Make the Tie Bet

Betting on the tie hand is risky. Long odds are a great payday on the winning hand. However, hands rarely tie, giving the house a huge edge of nearly 10 per cent. Winners almost never bet on a tie.

Always Bet on the Banker

The banker hand usually wins, with a 50.68 per cent average. The house normally takes a commission on winning banker hand bets, which may prompt a bettor to bet on the player hand. However, the banker hand is a safer bet statistically. Most seasoned players continue betting on the bank until the banker hand loses. If a player wins four or five bets, but he loses the sixth bet, he’ll at least break even. He may even come out ahead in winnings.

Useful Tips for Playing Baccarat

Playing Baccarat is exciting, and it’s meant for fun. If a player begins to experience stress while playing, he should take a break. Self- monitoring gambling behaviours is important for new and seasoned professionals. Only spend the money budgeted for the game. Overspending results in several issues for players who are unable to recoup losses. One way to avoid losing large sums of money is to bet in 10 to 15-minute sessions, allowing a player time to think rationally about each betting experience.

A little research goes a long way. Some casinos offer better commissions, more favourable odds, and higher withdrawal limits. By choosing a licensed casino that meets a players gambling requirements, he may have a more enjoyable Baccarat experience. It’s alright to trust gut instincts, but remember to play smart. Bettors who are losing should consider taking a break, and players who are winning can always walk away as a winner.